Welcome to ZEN online

The Zimbabwe Europe Network (ZEN) was launched in October 2008 to ensure that the EU and its member states stay engaged on Zimbabwe and that the perspectives and recommendations of Zimbabwean civil society shape its future policy decisions. This is done through more sustained, collective and unified efforts directed at the EU and its members states, to ensure progressive policies and actions on Zimbabwe, to maintain and scale up support for humanitarian assistance and to inform and influence EU and member states assistance for a post-crisis transformation and recovery process that is led by Zimbabweans.

ZEN is a network of European trade unions and civil society organisations, including secular, faith-based and developmental organizations as well as diaspora groups, with programmes of support and/or presence on the ground in Zimbabwe. The network seeks to bring the demands, views and aspirations of Zimbabwean civil society into European policy formulation on Zimbabwe. This is done through input from a national reference group of civil society organisations in Zimbabwe which is regularly consulted and acts as a resource base to inform ZEN policies. ZEN emphasizes that the resolution of the Zimbabwean crisis must be led by Zimbabweans themselves.

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