ICG calls for more transparent engagement framework

The International Crisis Group (ICG) has issued a new Zimbabwe update in which it looks at Zimbabwe’s much-vaunted reform process, which is consumed by insincerity, slow-burn crisis, and infighting over the succession to President Mugabe.

The update notes that Zimbabwe still has the potential and technical capacity to chart its economic recovery; but serious reservations remain that ZANU-PF is able to implement a credible plan.

If Zimbabwe’s government is to move beyond the theatre of reform, and avert further worsening of the political, social and economic crisis, it must “walk the talk” toward a more inclusive, transparent and accountable process.

In this regard it is noted that the reform and re-engagement process has been a largely exclusive, even secretive, affair. The international community is therefore called upon to better explain their positions and policies to Zimbabweans.

Find the full update on the website of International Crisis Group.